The Most Important Signs at Your Wedding

The Most Important Signs at Your Wedding

You know you’re deep into the wedding planning process when you start organizing signage. Congrats on making it this far! Planning and ordering the signs for your wedding may not seem as exciting as dress shopping or cake tasting, but they are an important logistical detail in service of your guests, providing important information. For example, signs can indicate the location of the ceremony, seating arrangements, gifts and cards table, and menu and nutritional information. They can also provide directions to parking areas, shuttle pick-up locations, and other important areas. In addition to guiding guests, signs can also help the wedding staff stay organized and efficient. Having clear and visible signs can help prevent confusion and ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. Overall, they are a small but important detail that can make a big difference in the logistics of a wedding and help guests feel welcome and considered.

In case this sounds like more clutter for your already busy to-do list, we asked our friends, the expert wedding planners at Mad Bash Group, which signs are must-haves, and here are their suggestions for the most important signs at a wedding!

  1. Welcome sign. Let’s start with the basics. A welcome sign is a must-have for any wedding. Not only does it let your guests know that they’re in the right place, but it sets the tone for the entire day by signifying that they’re at a formal event. Whether you opt for a classic wooden sign or a modern acrylic design, make sure it matches the theme of your wedding. Bonus points if you add your wedding hashtag to it!
  2. Directional Signs. Whether the wedding is in a backyard hidden behind a fence, or in a mansion with multiple halls and rooms, directional signs are small but considerate details. When guests are dressed in gowns and high heels, and with grandparents and great aunts and uncles in attendance, it is important to provide directional signs so they never experience the awkwardness of getting lost. You may need multiple signs, so to determine where they are needed, imagine walking from the parking lot to the relevant rooms for the first time, and place one at every point of confusion. Once your guests have arrived, you can do them the final favour of pointing them to the bar!
  3. Seating chart. Seating charts have become a symbol of the wedding reception, and are absolutely essential. You can’t verbally tell every single guest where to sit, or leave it up to themselves to decide! Whether you opt for a simple acrylic list, or a wooden installation, the opportunities for personalization are endless. Use your seating chart as a way to get creative and incorporate your design theme.
  4. Gifts and Cards. This is one that may have you thinking, “do we really need a sign for that?!” Yes, you do! You have no idea how many guests come up to us as wedding planners and ask where to put cards or gifts. Having a cute little sign saves your guests the task of having to ask, and since the contents may be valuable, they will want to ensure it’s being left in the right spot.
  5. Menus. In this world of allergies and food sensitivities, it’s easier for your guests to be able to read and see what’s available, rather than having to ask the wait staff. If guests have already made their selection when they RSVP’d, you may be able to skip this step, but if it’s a buffet or there are selections, it’s best to have a menu that includes ingredients and dietary information.
  6. Bar Menu. Having a bar sign outlining the signature cocktails at your wedding can add an extra level of excitement and sophistication to your special day. Not only can a bar menu highlight the unique and delicious options available to them, but it can also serve as a conversation starter among guests. Additionally, a bar sign outlining signature cocktails can make it easier for bartenders to keep up with orders during peak times, as guests will already know what they want to order. Overall, a bar sign outlining the signature drinks is an important detail that can elevate the overall experience of your wedding day.

BONUS SIGN: Table Numbers. These are another great addition to your decor and they give you yet another opportunity to put your personal spin on the wedding design. Table numbers (or names!) should be large enough to be visible to guests as they walk through the space, but small enough to blend in with your table decor and so guests can still see each other over the table when conversing. 

In conclusion, custom wedding signage is a practical way to make your guests feel considered and included in your special day. From welcoming them to your wedding and guiding them to their seat, to adding a special touch to the wedding decor, personalized signage can make your day feel unique and memorable. Whether it's a photo welcome sign, a sleek 3D acrylic sign, or a painted wood sign, Chic Signs can create signs of all shapes, sizes, and types, to match and enhance your wedding decor. Browse the Chic Sign or Mad Bash Group websites to see many examples of their work and be inspired!

Written by Mad Bash Group.

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