The 5 Signs You Need For Your Wedding.

The 5 Signs You Need For Your Wedding.

Wedding signs have become popular and for a goods reason. They are beautiful decor pieces, that add a personal touch and character to your event, but most importantly they have several functional uses. Custom wedding signage has become a wedding trend for 2022 as couples can use often use them as keepsakes or home décor after the celebration.


You probably have seen many inspirational posts of wedding signs on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, below are the top 5 signs we recommend for your wedding.


1.    Welcome Sign: This sign is a must-have at the entrance to your ceremony. A welcoming sign creates a lovely first impression for guests arriving at the venue.


2.    Wedding Guestbook: Wedding guestbooks are an excellent way for your wedding guests to leave you sweet little messages on your wedding day. These will form part of the wedding memories you'll cherish as the years go by.


3.    Wedding hashtag sign. This sign encourages guests to share their images of the ceremony on social media.


4.    Cocktail sign. This sign lets guests know what’s on your wedding catering menu for your cocktail party.


5.     Backdrop Sign:  This will be your event’s centerpiece. Spell out the couple’s last name or the Bride and Groom’s name. These custom signs won’t let anyone forget your event and it will be their preferred place for the most memorable photos.


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