2021 Birthday Gifts Ideas For Her | Best Personalized Gifts

2021 Birthday Gifts Ideas For Her | Best Personalized Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for her can be a little bit daunting – but do not fear. Over at chicsigns.ca we are here to save the day! If you’re looking for 2021 best personalized gift ideas with a little bit of love, appreciation and sentiment – we have the perfect ones for you. First dates always have a special place in our hearts, no matter how long you have been a couple. It was that special moment that your love connected and now here you are, celebrating (another) year together!

The search goes no further, we truly have the perfect romantic 2021 gift ideas for her upcoming birthday. We know how important it is to show your true feelings and love on her special day. So why not go for something that celebrates you as a couple and sets out your love story from the rest? There is no better way to do that than a personalized gift! We are happy to introduce you to our 4 romantic plaques:

2021 Birthday Gifts Ideas For Her: First Date Plaque

The first date plaque is one of the best 2021 gift ideas you can go for and it’s based on your first date! It is a customized map print of the location in which your love story first turned its page. By entering in your address, we create a map design that includes coordinates and a physical map of your first date. The high-quality acrylic plaque can also include the names of you and your loved one and the date of your first date! A more romantic gesture compared to jewellery or a box of chocolate.

2021 Birthday Gifts Ideas For Her: Love Map Plaque

For more 2021 birthday gift ideas you could opt for the love map plaque which is a great one for multinational couples. Although you may be from two different countries, your love finally brought you both together, where you belong. This plaque can be customized with the names of the couple. Also with the date and a heart connecting the two countries or towns where they are each from. This one is definitely one to bring the tears on her special day!

Music Plaque

The music plaque is the perfect way to take a photographed moment and a song and perfectly merge them into one. Many couples have favourite songs and songs that define their relationship. Maybe it played on your first date or a song that reminds you of them. This is definitely a gift to capture a special moment within a song and display it somewhere in the house!

Established Plaque

The established plaque is a beautiful and simplistic touch to any house. It is a custom name sign with the last name of the couple and the date in which they made it official. A gift of delicacy and intimacy, it comes as one of the perfect personalized gifts, It is certain to bring smiles, tears and lots of hugs afterwards!

Love is so special, and whether you are in your first or your tenth year together, it does not matter. Love is something to be celebrated at any time and personalized gifts are the perfect way to display it. Put a big smile on the face of your loved one with one of these plaques. If it comes from the heart then the heart will smile!

Customer Reviews

Many customers have shared beautiful reviews on our product and we appreciate every single one of them:

“Really adorable idea! My girlfriend absolutely loved it. So easy and simple to create online and the price is amazing for the quality!”

“I am so happy I stumbled across this. It brought tears to my wife’s eyes. Almost 30 years together and we can still be a bit romantic!”

“Ordered this after seeing it on Tiktok. Amazing quality and amazing prices!”

For just $22, we offer a gift filled with love, sentiment and appreciation all for your special person. Why wouldn’t you want to put a big smile on their face for the next big occasion? It’s easy and simple to create and the delivery can be adjusted to arrive exactly when you need it.                                                                        

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Our Gift Plaques are entirely customizable and professional quality, meaning there is no vinyl, glue or stickers used in the making of your special gift. The creation of each plaque is with the uttermost quality and a fast turnaround time. There are various dimensions available when ordering and they are 5in x 7in, 6in x 8in and 8in x 10in. Providing such a range means that all customers will have a choice and can select the best plaque size to fit the living space. This is definitely an important step as you have to envisage where it would look best!

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