Our First Date Anniversary Gift Plaque

Our First Date Anniversary Gift Plaque

Buying gifts for your significant other cannot always be a complete walk in the park. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day they come and go and often without much thought. You know what they like, but what would they appreciate? Not more jewellery or a box of chocolates from the supermarket. Well, look no further – we have the perfect gift idea for any occasion. The “Our First Date” Anniversary Gift Plaque!

It is a beautiful, unique touch to any occasion that you and your significant other celebrate. A gift such as this one brings an essence of personal love and affection in the form of a present. We can all often get fall victim to just buying what we think that they might like, but underneath it all, it is about showing appreciation to that person. And there is no better way to do it than buying a gift like this one. It is certain to bring smiles, tears and lots of hugs afterwards!

What Our First Date Anniversary Gift Plaque Contains

This beautiful gift idea is made up of an acrylic plaque and a stand – if the customer so wishes to purchase with a stand – as well as each and every detail about the very first date. It includes the names of the happy couple, a small map of where the first date was located, the date and even the coordinates. It is such a sentimental gift that brings romance, love, adoration and appreciation all rolled into one.

The First Date Anniversary Gift Plaques are entirely customizable with and you can print all of the special details that you want over the top. It is completely professional quality, meaning there is no vinyl, glue or stickers used in the making of your special gift. The creation of each plaque is with the uttermost quality and a fast turnaround time. There are various dimensions available when ordering and they are 5in x 7in, 6in x 8in and 8in x 10in. Providing such a range means that all customers will have a choice and can select the best plaque size to fit the living space. This is definitely an important step as you have to envisage where it would look best!

Customer Reviews

Many customers have shared beautiful reviews on our product and we appreciate every single one of them:

“Really adorable idea! My girlfriend absolutely loved it. So easy and simple to create online and the price is amazing for the quality!”

“I am so happy I stumbled across this. It brought tears to my wife’s eyes. Almost 30 years together and we can still be a bit romantic!”

“Ordered this after seeing it on Tiktok. Amazing quality and amazing prices!”

For just $22, we offer a gift filled with love, sentiment and appreciation all for your special person. Why wouldn’t you want to put a big smile on their face for the next big occasion? It’s easy and simple to create and the delivery can be adjusted to arrive exactly when you need it. Check out our website: chicsigns.ca and fall in love for yourself!

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