Internation Love Plaque | Christmast Gift Idea

Internation Love Plaque | Christmast Gift Idea

Is your significant other from a Different Culture? Marrying or dating someone from a different culture can provide some unique challenges but also makes a relationship very interesting. If you are part of intercultural marriage or know someone, here is a great gift idea to celebrate international love.

The Chic Signs Love Map Acrylic Plaque | International Couple Map

Our International couple map can be a great addition to your home. It is custom made with acrylic and perfect for couples having a multi-cultural relationships. Here are some of the perks that you get when ordering this plaque.

Quality Design

When you order this plaque, you get a memento beautifully designed to showcase love. It features two countries linked by love. This is a beautiful and symbolic representation. The design is created to fit with your wedding, and the letters will stay put. It is NOT made of vinyl, glue, or stickers, so your plaque will remain beautiful for a very long time. Our plaques do not come with sharp corners either.

Quick Turnaround Time

Once you place your order by clicking this link, you can enter your details and then get a preview. At this point, you can confirm the countries you would like on your map, the city to place the hearts, and the names you want printed. You can also include the date and any other special message you’d like to add. Once that is done, all that’s left is for your plaque to get to you. It’s as simple as that.

Your Wedding Memories

After using this plaque to celebrate at your wedding, it makes for a great keepsake too. So, feel free to take it home and put it on display. It’s the perfect wedding souvenir to remind you of your special day.

For Other Special Occasions

This plaque does not only work for wedding decor. You can get them as a tidal shower gift, wedding gift, and anniversary gift. All you have to do is place the order and include your special message. Your gift recipient would be so delighted to get something so thoughtful.

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