Birth Stats Keepsake

Birth Stats Keepsake

Congrats on the birth of your special one! Children are a blessing, and it has been our culture to share the good news with friends and loved ones in different ways.

As new parents, it's easy to forget about the announcement until the moment when you need to do it. It's okay, everyone understands how exciting and nerve-wracking the past few months have been for you. Here are some great ideas from us as Chic Signs on how to announce the birth of your baby

• Send A Card

Cards are a tested and trusted way to share the good news with your loved ones. So, feel free to send out a card announcing your child’s (or children’s) birth. These cards often feature a photo of your bundle of joy and other essential info.

Some of them include the name, birthday, weight, length of the baby, the time of birth, and your names as parents. These cards are usually lovely, and sending them out can be an emotional time. Don't forget that you can send this digitally by email too.

• Send It to The Family Group

One of the ways that you can also share about the birth of your newborn is through chat. So, if you happen to have a family group, feel free to drop the info. This should, of course, be after the members who are closest to you have been informed personally. That is, if they were not with you for the birth.

• Share It on Social Media

Sharing the happy news with your social media should only come after your closest family and friends know. The announcement card we mentioned above can aid with this announcement beautifully. All you have to do is put it up while making your announcement.

• Have A Baby Keepsake

Children grow up pretty quickly. Before you know it, you'll be dealing with a teenager! Don't believe us? Ask other parents. So, it's best to document these special moments while you can.


Our Personalized Baby Stats is a great way to do that. It takes the details on your announcement card and preserves them on a beautiful custom-made plaque. This way, you can keep the memory of your newborn more permanently. It's the perfect baby keepsake to have.


Here Are Other Advantages That Come with Getting Our Personalized Baby Stats:

A Beautiful Keepsake. This is an excellent idea for your baby room décor. When your baby grows older, you can keep this personally for yourself. You'll love this so much that you'll gift it to your loved ones too.

Best Quality. Our plaques are custom-made printed acrylic. They won't peel off or appear crooked after a while. The images are also printed from the back, ensuring that they are shiny and beautiful. What you see is what you receive. We do NOT work with glue, sticker, or vinyl.

Personal Service. Once you click here and send in your details for this plaque, we'll create a mockup and send it to you for review. The details you need to provide are Baby name and banner color, baby picture, date of birth and time, baby weight, and length.

Quick Turn Around Time. Once you follow the steps above, next up is the receipt of your plaque. We have a quick turnaround time and are excited to get this to you

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