Not Your Typical Wedding Guestbook - Viral TikTok Video

Not Your Typical Wedding Guestbook - Viral TikTok Video

My TikTok video went viral. How a TikTok video about my custom wedding guestbook received 8.5 Million Views.


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♬ You Are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

The viral TikTok showcases one of our most popular products, a custom wedding guestbook. At first, viewers just see a plaque with a protective covering on it. Then, the covering is peeled off, revealing a stunning image: a picture of a bride and groom on a playlist, with “The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne playing for the song. The video demonstrates that wedding visitors can sign the plaque like a guestbook, creating a unique and cherished piece of art for newlyweds.

TikTok users were enchanted with the video, leaving over 2K comments and 1M likes, a few hours after the video went viral we received dozens of sales. This custom plaque is not your typical guestbook and stands apart from the traditional ones.

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Our custom guestbooks are entirely customizable and professional quality, meaning there is no vinyl, glue or stickers used in the making of your special product. The creation of each plaque is with the uttermost quality and a fast turnaround time. There are various dimensions available when ordering depending of the number of guests.



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Many viewers shared beautiful reviews on our product and we appreciate every single one of them:



“I LOVE THIS!” and “I’m obsessed with this!” Some people were so impressed that they purchased a plaque immediately, exclaiming, “Just ordered mine! So exciting!” Other users even wrote funny messages like, “OMG, I need this but first, let me find a man.” Comments for the video keep rolling in, and we enjoy receiving feedback from viewers worldwide.

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